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Global vision of the Kadyali place

Before going to the Kumbh Mela 2019, Guruji (Paramahamsa Sri Swami Vishwananda) said : “if a place comes to you, take it.” And it came now . This is The place !

Here are some pictures to get an idea how this place looks globally.

Outside the gate, we see a highway on the right, towards Dwarka and Somnath, two well-known temples. On the left there is an old bannyan tree with the Divine Mother murti in front of an old temple. This place is more than 1500 years old and has been an ancient temple dedicated to Ramdev Pir (a form of Lord Ram worshipped in Gujarat & Rajasthan).

Near the tree we push a big gate and we enter into a beautiful place with a big courtyard. On the right we have the old house, the temple & the fire (yagna kund) of the sages who lived here before. We started to repaint the sage’s asana but we will not disturb more this part which will remain in “museum style”. Only the samadhi of the saint will be restored in such a way that people coming can circumbulate (do parikrama) around it.

At present, our person, an old sage named Kiran Das is there. I joined on 5th June the time to install the shower & the electricity. He will continue to take care of the place and do pujas and will welcome people even during our absence.

The central place of the ashram is a “yoga, satsang, bhajan place” with the possibility to do yoga on the tree or have rest balancing yourself on the nice metal chair (jula) hanging there. Sometimes a baby lezard comes to balance himself too but he is friendly and is used to see people. You can let him enjoy and he will let you take your place again after. It is also the favorite place of many squirrels playing around. 😀

The third part is The Land which has many different species of trees and plants. The Tulsi sacred plant is growing generously, we planted aloe vera in the last days and three new trees. The samadhi of a saint called Manohar Das is on the land.


The second samadhi of Ram Das Bapu is located just after the entrance in front of the tree trunk (on the left in the courtyard).

Finally, behind the houses & the trees there is a small river. We will build stairs to go down and have a fresh bath or pray in the morning.

This place is mainly destined to welcome committed sevakas, brahmacharis/inis and sannyasis/inis at first but if you feel to visit too, we will help you to have a nice stay in a place outside, just at five minutes by feet. And of ourse, you will join us for different activities.


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