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A typical day here

We wake up early and after bath we start cleaning around. Devotees are coming to help. A very young boy Vipul comes often these day and the firs thing he does is cleaning around the bannyan tree in which the Divine Mother lives.

The old sadhu Kiran Das is cleaning the fruits & leaves of the neem tree on the ground in front of the house. This is a never ending seva to be done even duthe day. Afterwards he will prepare the coton with ghee for the puja lamps. Meanwhile, Vipul a young simple village boy is cleaning the courtyard. I am cleaning my room too and removing the old flowers on the murtis of my personal temple : Ram-Sita, Giridhari, Radha-Krishna, Maa & The Saligrams.

Another local devotee makes the fire in old style blowing in a pipe to wake up the flames. We have tea. After tea I pick-up flowers, durva grass, mango leaves for the pujas and light the lamps to all deities.

There is a lamp in the corner of the kitchen which has to be always on. So the spiritual light keeps burning in our heart.

The pujas start. Today it was a heavy rain but we continued the rituals until I stopped my phone so that water is not destroying it…

Once the rituals are finished, some street dogs are coming to visit. It’s a tradition to give food to animals. We are feeding all around. Squirrels, birds and mangooses come daily to see us although they are quite fine with the things nature gives them. The lions seem to be calm today, I did not hear their voices in the last two days. Cows and goats are passing by alone or with chariots.

Later, during the day, many villagers are coming to pray and spend time with the old sage. They are smoking a local cigarette in old style. If there are no women coming, usually I stay in my room studying or I have courses online at that time. Only if we sing I come out & sing with them or make them listen to Guruji’s bhajans.

We started to plan the future infrastructure & activities here so I’m happy to spend time alone too or online with the future devotees who will visit the place here next time…

In the evening we cook on the stove and I am learning new recipes. We give food to the deities then enjoy it ourselves. It’s a blessed moment ! We already ate some fruits & vegetables from the garden like the green and pink papaya or this fruits called Sita fruit. If it’s not too late and if the lions are not too far, then we finish all the cleaning in the evening/night – if not, early morning. Crickets, frogs, birds make a sweet melody we listen throughout the night when we meditate near the fire or before sleep.


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