Who is Swamini?


Key details about Swamini Godaavari : as some of you are new, let me give you a small presentation of myself and the places in the world I’m responsible of. These are all corners of the world where you are welcome to travel with me and bring your skills and ideas to enrich humanity.

Swamini Initiation: 2015 / Joined the Mission: 2014 / Knows Guruji since : 2003 / Based in : France,West India, Cambodia (Siem Reap), North Romania (my official domiciliation is in France but I’m originally from North Romania.) – I’m developping projects in all these regions. Project groups links to come…

Official Responsibilities:
Country Swamini for: Cambodia, Comoros, French Africa, French Guiana, Haiti, Morocco, Polynesia, Vanuatu / Other Duties: Kumbh Mela Coordinator / Contact : vishwagodaavarimata@bhaktimarga.org

Swamini VishwaGodaavari Mata
is a sannyasini of Sanatana Dharma Path (Hindu nun, renunciate) and one of the internationally active Swaminis of Bhakti Marga organisation founded by Paramahamsa Sri Swami Vishwananda.

The full initiation name that she received from her guru Paramahamsa Sri Swami Vishwananda is Swamini VishwaGodaavari Mata. Through this initiation she entered Vaishnavism path and Sri Sampradaya order officially as an international Swamiji & a Deeksha Guru.

Life & Spiritual Journey : 

Swamini Godaavari grew up in the northern part of Romania. Spirituality was present and important for her since childhood, along with a strong inner call for India and its spiritual masters.

She left Romania to live and study in France at the age of 18. After travelling to India regularly during  twenty years, doing tapasya & yatras (personal spiritual practice & pilgrimages) – after following different paths with several gurus, she met Swami Vishwananda in June 2014. She knows Swami Vishwananda since 2003 but due to various commitments that had to be fulfilled before and according to the Divine Will that one joins a Satguru at the right moment, she joined the mission of Swami Vishwananda in 2015 officially.

Paramahamsa Sri Swami Vishwananda is her 9th Guru. The number 9 is a number of completion and Swamini’s Life number in numerology. After 9 comes 10 which is Dissolving in the Absolute of Shunya “0”, The Absolute.  Swami Vishwanands is her Satguru leading her into this final process of Liberation & Realisation. In a disciple’s life & spiritual process, the Satguru is the final guru who leads a disciple to realization. One can have many gurus to learn things but we have only one Satguru. When we meet The Satguru, there is no other place to go but to be with Him and have “one single pointed devotion”. (cf Bhagavad Gita – The journey of Arjuna – Chapter 18th is the main Chapter describing this Single Pointed Focused Mind Devotion).

Swamini Godaavari has equally been deeply touched by Paramahamsa Sri Swami Vishwananda’s goal of opening the hearts of men and bringing humanity from mind to Heart. She joined her Guruji’s mission as a Swamini to live a life for others and spread the Message of Unconditional Love & Sanatana Dharma spiritual teachings around the world. 

Discover Swamini’s YouTube Channel with more than 500 videos about her spiritual experiences, Bhagavad Gita satsangs, Meditation, Sadhana and Understanding Hinduism Sessions. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2F_2KlEeNGe34IzKu8D5ww