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The prophecy materialised

Before going to the Kumbh Mela 2019, Guruji (Paramahamsa Sri Swami Vishwananda) said : “if a place comes to you, take it.” And this is the place…

Rishi Munni Tatambari Bapu from Dolatpara wanted me to stay in his small ashram but that was too small for the projects coming. Then he told me some months before leaving the body that a place will come to me – near Narmada river.

And this happened recently with the only difference that I’m not physically near Narmada but we are drinking water coming from Narmada. šŸ‘ It will be a first place in which with Bhagawan’s Grace we will start activities.

This has been the place of an ancient Ramdev Pir Mandir on which a big bannyan tree grew. And in this bannyan tree lives Divine Mother Khodyar Mata (a form of divine mother worshipped in Gujarat & Rajasthan). Here lived other two sadhus and their samadhis are present and venerated. (See pictures of their samadhis in the article called Global vision of Kadyali place).


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