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Changes in the mandir – New Asan (Chair) for Ganeshji in Kadiyali Mandir

Old Asan

We have replaced the old Asan with a new one. We will put the old one in the museum selection of the Saints of Gujarat.

A new Khodyal Mata frame (Divine Mother with the crocodile) & Girinar Mountain (famous mountain of Gujarat) have been added to the sacred family. I brought my luggage from Junagadh small ashram and I added some small murtis too (Ram Darbhar, Hanuman, Kali Maa, Shivji Nandi, Annapurna Devi, Vrindadevi. Tomorrow we will do abhishekam (sacred bath of the deities).

Mother Nature is so generous so the Divine Mother Khodyal from the tree is happy too with lots of flowers.

Ganesh gave me a flower :))

The puja set has been renewed as well. With a big lamp, big bells, oil lamp… Guru Purnima will be amazing with all this… Krishna joined us too… I prepare the room mandir to install Him. Jai Sri Krishna ! Jai Gurudev !


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