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Jai Gurudev, Today is the last day of the second virtual pilgrimage with Guruji. The second one will start in some days. We are many already following the pilgrimage online experiencing the Inner Transformation that it does on us. Being with Guruji in this New way has the same strong impact on you as if… Continue reading PILGRIMAGE WITH GURUJI ONLINE

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Jai Gurudev, it was Easter 2016… Before going on a big tour to India Guruji called me and kept me at His feet for more than half an hour. We were talking of different things. He showed me His shoes that are now in the museum saying that He was wearing them since more than… Continue reading THE SACRED FEET OF THE GURU & MIRACULOUS EXPERIENCES

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Check the new videos about BHAGAVAD GITA in Learning Bhagavad Gita playlist & new stories of Saints & Avatars in the STORIES about AVATARS & SAINTS. THE BHAGAVAD GITA PLAYLIST THE YOUTUBE CHANNEL

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In France near Paris since 6 months… & New countries to explore on my list :)

How are you dear ones ? How is your life going ? After the amazing experience of my life being 6 months in West India’s jungle, here I am, back to France as I was saying. New changes in the countries I am responsible of : I am now going to Belgium too, meeting devotees… Continue reading In France near Paris since 6 months… & New countries to explore on my list 🙂

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Back to France… Paris…

Finally after 6 months in Gujarat jungle, 4 flights cancelled, a new visa permitt I had to wait for… a last flight in August whose dates changed 3 times, I’m back to France…. Oufff… After three Covid tests (negative hopefully) – required by airport … And other medical check-ups to check that I don’t have… Continue reading Back to France… Paris…