Pipa Bhagat

During the first days in Rajula & Rampara I was invited to visit an old temple & ashram where Pipa Bhagat lived. He was a Rajput King of Gagaraungarh who abdicated the throne to become a Hindu mystic poet and saint of the Bhakti movement.[2][3] He was born in the Malwa region of North India (east Rajasthan) in approximately AD 1425.[4] You can discover more about… Continue reading Pipa Bhagat


Events in Gujarat

After the previous travels I reached at 40 km of Somnath temple in an ashram called Vrindavan Rampara. Not far from the ashram it was held the katha of Morari Bapu which had to stop because of the beginning of the lockdown. It was a touching program. Even if I don’t speak Gujarati it was… Continue reading Events in Gujarat


March 2020 Visit of Pavagadh the place of Maha Kali

After the “father” Girinar mountain, the second place you should visit in you go to Gujarat is Pavagadh, the mountain which represents the “mother” or Maha Kali. We go up to the mountain in telecabin enjoying the landscape. I had the great blessing to be there for Purnima before Holi 2020. A very special occasion… Continue reading March 2020 Visit of Pavagadh the place of Maha Kali


Last months of 2019 & beginning of 2020

I’m back on the blog. Lot of pilgrimages lot of events now we will update everything. In 2019 after summer, preparation for Navaratri started. As every year it was awesome! I was in India again especially in Gujarat finishing the training in a small ashram not far from Girinar mountain. I made a pilgrimage in… Continue reading Last months of 2019 & beginning of 2020



23–24 AUGUST 2019 AT THE ASHRAM SHREE PEETHA NILAYA Here are some pictures of our celebration this year : the whole story of the day as well as the link towards the play inacted by the devotees… https://theashram.bhaktimarga.org/blog/krishna-janmashtami-2019 DESCRIPTION Krishna Janmashtami celebrates of the birth of Sri Krishna, an incarnation of the Supreme Lord Narayana… Continue reading AMAZING KRISHNA JANMASTHAMI

Thoughts & Experiences

Keep the Secret :)

SILENCE TIP – in East Europe & India we say : do not disclose : “Your next move, Your money, Your Love :)))”. Well My LOVE is NARAYANA which includes ALL too – my money is coming and going as I’m not attached to anything… But my Next Moves are secret. The best achievements are… Continue reading Keep the Secret 🙂