Thoughts & Experiences

About commitment…

Progressively as you move forward on your path you will have things to learn and so you will need to choose : if you committ to your Guru you need to imbibe His teachings.

You will not have time anymore to be here & there if you really wish to progress spiritually.

SO MAKE YOUR CHOICE and stand by it whatever your choice is !!

Do not be with one foot in one boat and with other in other as you will not be able to reach anywhere…. Know what you wish…

If you just wish to be free then be just a “fan” but be clear of it. Otherwise if you committ for more you have to have the gutts to stand by what you signed & promissed you will do. You have to put your effort to it !

Loyalty & Exclusivity  – and Single-Pointed devotion are necessary on the path if you committ for more as it’s part of being focused on a single goal before being able to include everything later…

A progressive way of going towards maturity ! Be clear what you wish & it’s ok… Be aligned to what you feel inside & go for it… 


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