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From today I will post regularly a personal thought of the day or experience and whatever else can inspire you on your spiritual path.

19th February 2018 : 

The question to ask to yourself today is :


If you really want something you will create that reality. You just need to know what you want.

And if you really LOVE even if what you chosed is challenging you and making you suffer (because mind resists) you will not run away, you will stay because of Love, and then you will see that you will find a solution to make it work.

So sit with yourself today & ask yourself what do you want? And what you love?  


3 thoughts on “The daily inspiration…

  1. I wish to be happy in life with some one yet to be find. I love to live a simple life down to earth and wish to make some people happy in life with my efforts and hard work.


    1. Sometimes it is just about finding other in ourselves. This is the maturity we reach after working on ourselves. We have everything in us no need to search all the time outside. Blessings to suceed !


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