Thoughts & Experiences

The Guru, Inner Tarot Reader

Sometimes I like to test tarot readings online. To see what new softwares tarot readers are using. Yesterday evening I was doing so when suddenly I felt Guruji’s presence. I did not pay much attention to it as I am used to it 🙂). Then in next moment He started playfully to show me which cards to pick and also at which moment to pick them. Then I found this more strange. And in the last phase, He told me : Aks me your questions and I will answer. I closed the laptop, I lied down and I started to listen to Him. And He answered everything point by point. And at the same time I feel that lasted just some seconds. 🙂 This is the power of the Telepathical Relationship one can have with the Guru & also that when one is connected to the Outer Guru automatically the Inner Guru becomes active too & answers everything your mind wants to know. 🙂 OM GAM GURUBHYO NAMAHA. HARI OM !!!!!


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