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A typical day here

We wake up early and after bath we start cleaning around. Devotees are coming to help. A very young boy Vipul comes often these day and the firs thing he does is cleaning around the bannyan tree in which the Divine Mother lives. The old sadhu Kiran Das is cleaning the fruits & leaves of… Continue reading A typical day here

Ashrams Projects

Glimpses of last week’s activities

We alternate moments of pujas, meditation with collecting plants, drying seeds & eating fruits (here Jamun black berry a fruit Ram ate during His exile). We are cooking on an old wood stove. Some days we meet peacocks, lezards, mongoose. We repainted the asana of Ram Das Bapu saint. I discovered two lemon trees in… Continue reading Glimpses of last week’s activities

Ashrams Projects

Daily rituals & Mother Nature

We started to prepare the place for activities & install the energies doing daily pujas to Giridhari, Ramji, Divine Mother, Ganesh. The garden is giving us beautiful flowers & fruits for the rituals. Exotical animals are living in the trees and the last two nights we heard lions roaring not very far. This is Gujarati… Continue reading Daily rituals & Mother Nature

Ashrams Projects

The prophecy materialised

Before going to the Kumbh Mela 2019, Guruji (Paramahamsa Sri Swami Vishwananda) said : “if a place comes to you, take it.” And this is the place… Rishi Munni Tatambari Bapu from Dolatpara wanted me to stay in his small ashram but that was too small for the projects coming. Then he told me some… Continue reading The prophecy materialised

Discovering Hindu Temples

Inauguration of Ram Sita Mandir (Sri Ramji Lala) in Gujarat

I was touched by the inauguration of this mandir as I saw it under construction in 2019. On March 2020 after three days of fire ceremonies 17-20 March (called yagyas or yagnas) the deities were installed : Ram Sita Lakshman and baby Ram (Ram Lalaji), Radha Krishna, Shiva Lingam & Parvati Devi, Ganesha, Hanuman &… Continue reading Inauguration of Ram Sita Mandir (Sri Ramji Lala) in Gujarat

Saints of Gujarat

Pipa Bhagat

During the first days in Rajula & Rampara I was invited to visit an old temple & ashram where Pipa Bhagat lived. He was a Rajput King of Gagaraungarh who abdicated the throne to become a Hindu mystic poet and saint of the Bhakti movement. He was born in the Malwa region of North India (east Rajasthan) in approximately AD 1425. You can discover more… Continue reading Pipa Bhagat

External events

Events in Gujarat

On 14th March I reached an ashram situated at 40 km of Somnath temple: Vrindavan Bhag Rampara. Not far from the ashram the katha of Morari Bapu which unfortunately stopped 3 days after because of the beginning of the lockdown. It was a touching program. Even if I don’t speak Gujarati it was very touching… Continue reading Events in Gujarat

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Holi 2020 in Haryana

For the first time I was invited for Holi in Haryana. I loved this state, its greenery, colors, kindness of people, originality of the temples/ashrams and the traditional village style. I sang bhajans with the women and enjoyed the Holi prasad.

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March 2020 Visit of Pavagadh the place of Maha Kali

After the “father” Girinar mountain, the second place you should visit if you go to Gujarat is Pavagadh, the mountain which represents the “mother” or Maha Kali. We go up to the mountain in telecabin enjoying the landscape. I had the great blessing to be there for the Purnima taking place just before Holi 2020.… Continue reading March 2020 Visit of Pavagadh the place of Maha Kali