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Jai Gurudev,

Today is the last day of the second virtual pilgrimage with Guruji. The second one will start in some days.

We are many already following the pilgrimage online experiencing the Inner Transformation that it does on us. Being with Guruji in this New way has the same strong impact on you as if you are in His presence. Just believe it & let yourself guided by this. Follow His presence & the silent moments, the breaks when you can have your tea meditating, follow everything with Love welcoming the Transformation that it operates in you. You will sometimes feel emotional, you will feel loved, or feel empty, you will feel amazed in the vibration of the sacred places He makes you visit.

Just flow with that and you will be amazed to see what a New Space it gets created in you and how this nourishes deeply your Guru-disciple relationship.

Guruji knows exactly what we have to work on ourselves and He makes it happen.

I heartly recommend to be on a pilgrimage with Guruji all of you.

Jai Gurudev,

PS write a comment & I will answer.


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