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Jai Gurudev, it was Easter 2016… Before going on a big tour to India Guruji called me and kept me at His feet for more than half an hour. We were talking of different things. He showed me His shoes that are now in the museum saying that He was wearing them since more than 13 years. I touched them thinking what a blessing to see them. After some minutes I was thinking if it was appropriate to ask for His phone number as many around me had it & it could have been useful in India to put Guruji in touch with some personalities there. Guruji caught my thought before uttering it and looking straight into my eyes said : “You don’t need it, just focus in your Heart and I will answer you there.” Then he asked to see my left hand. I was thinking that He will materialise some vibhuti but actually He suddenly materialized a second ring bigger than the previous one. It was the sign that I was committing fully on the path, I thought, as the first ring was still a symbol of the Trimurti. He said : “look… this is your phone with me.”… I was smiling. “Yes Guruji, I know that You will speak through it but the thing is : will I be able to hear You?” 😁 … We continued to talk about India and many other things then Guruji spoke about having a Lingam. I was about to ask if I needed one… “Yes, I have one for you. You will receive it today”. “What should I do with it Guruji ? How to use it ?” … “It’s good for everything, Guruji answered” letting me understand that I had to experience it & to figure out “its manual” by myself… (5 years since this process is going on with many healing testimonials. Two days ago a person got healed of a very advanced tongue cancer after drinking the water…) … The moment to leave Guruji’s feet came after more than half an hour. I stood and I realised that I was not feeling my body anymore. There was a sort of big “bubble of energy” around me. I was in a state of trance. There was a speech at the microphone 🎤 going on but I was unable to understand it. I was hearing just a distant sound reaching me. My fear was that someone from the Romanian group present would need some translation and I’m unable to understand the words and speak. 🙊 It was such a blessing and a new state. How many years I bowed down in all the temples and to all gurus everywhere but I never felt such a Grace showering on me! Meeting your Guru is the most precious thing that can come into your life and the special alchemy that you feel near Him makes you know that He is indeed Your Satguru… That was the best Easter of my life ! May Guruji continue to bless all of us. Have a beautiful day full of light. Jai Gurudev !


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