Discovering Hindu Temples

Inauguration of Ram Sita Mandir (Sri Ramji Lala) in Gujarat

I was touched by the inauguration of this mandir as I saw it under construction in 2019.

On March 2020 after three days of fire ceremonies 17-20 March (called yagyas or yagnas) the deities were installed : Ram Sita Lakshman and baby Ram (Ram Lalaji), Radha Krishna, Shiva Lingam & Parvati Devi, Ganesha, Hanuman & Nandi. I assisted to the ceremony.

It was so beautiful to see. Eleven kund and eleven couples representing the Trimurti and their family and Ram Sita. Beautiful pujas to Ganesh ji. The yagna was lit up owith the fire produced naturally from the wood friction.


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