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Swamini Romania Tour – April 2016

12987166_1094508597280649_6289888382970871947_nSwamini Godaavari has been on a tour in 4 cities of Romania between April 5th and April 18th 2016 (Cluj, Sibiu, Bucarest, Hunedoara). During this travel she installed Bhakti Marga home temples with Paramahamsa Vishwananda padukas and pictures specially blessed by Guruji for this tour. Swamini gave satsangs and presentations of Bhakti Marga organisation and sadhanas in all cities. She conducted an Atma Kriya Yoga course for 18 sadhaks – 9 newly initiated sadhaks who received Shaktipat  and 9 refreshing the practice. In the capital of Romania, Bucarest, she trained 4 Simply Meditation sadhaks. At the beginning and the end of the course, all participants assisted to pujas and received the precious blessings and awakening of energy from the amazing materialized lingam given by Guruji to Swamini to bless everyone during her travels.




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