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sv-godaavari_orange-circle-75pxSwamini Godaavari had the great blessing to write some thoughts in the BM International Newsletter…

Jai Gurudev,
We are at the beginning of a New Year!
As a newcomer touched by the beautiful mission of Guruji, and from seeing the unity of teams working together during the 10 years celebration, as well as hearing the touching testimonials on how “Love changes everything,” I would call 2015, “A Year of Love.”
Guruji holds our hands step by step in this beautiful adventure of becoming part of Bhakti Marga. He trusted us, trained us, and invited us to be part of His family. Having received so much and having being so blessed, it is time to share.
The Christmas and New Year’s celebrations are these precious moments to share the love for the Guru with all, to give what has not be given and to forgive what has not been forgiven. Let us make 2016 a year in which we love more, serve more, and spread more.
May everyone in the world experience the blessing of being touched by the Satguru’s LOVE! Together we will write the pages for the future Decades of Love.
Swamini VishvaGodaavari Mata, France

You can read this newsletter on this link : http://media.bhaktimarga.org/newsletter/2016/international/01-jan.html and keep being informed about BM News around the world.




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