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In France near Paris since 6 months… & New countries to explore on my list :)

How are you dear ones ? How is your life going ?

After the amazing experience of my life being 6 months in West India’s jungle, here I am, back to France as I was saying.

New changes in the countries I am responsible of : I am now going to Belgium too, meeting devotees there & doing programs online with them. And still in charge of Cambodia which is going through a tough period right now. Same for our small countries in Europe like Romania & my dear friends in Slovakia (Love :).

While I was in the “Jungle” (by the way Gujarat Jungle’s group is also fine) – we had a discussion to share among us the responsibility for the French Islands. And here I am with three sweet corners to explore in future : Guyane, Comores & Vanuatu. If you have any contacts there or know about any Hindu Temples, let me know… It will be a pleasure to meet them…

Meanwhile I started to meet some nice bhaktas in Paris and we meet regularly to sing & share spiritual moments.

Beautiful evening or day wherever you are !

Jai Gurudev !!! Radhe Radhe !!! Jai Sri Krishna …


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