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Swamini Godaavari:

Suitable for active sevakas, devotees & brahmacharis, strong nature lovers, those who are able to live in & near nature without problem…

This place has the energy of Narasimha Dev as you can hear the lions’ voice at night.

It is a place with 4 parts :

  • outside the gate Divine Mother place with Her murti
  • inside the courtyard : the old house, kitchen & mandir with yagna kund on the right, samadhis of 2 sadhus
  • then comes an old banyan tree and yoga, sadhana place
  • and finally the field with the ayurvedic parc ready to be explored

Lot of activities possible inside & outside the place. Doing in-depth study of Hinduism, deepen your sadhana, spending some days in old Indian style, discover the benefits of Ayurvedic plants. Spiritual pilgrimages will be organised in various spiritual places around.

You have the occasion to do sadhana & seva intensely, see a lot of wild animals around and make friends with some of them. Meet the local bhaktas, go to the sea, fill your lungs with nice air … 😁

It’s not possible to have cows in the previous place as this attracts lions. 🦁 So we will have the goshala in a different place I am visiting some other lands these days. 🙏

Swamini Godaavari’s YouTube :

The video of the place

A view on the land

Glimpses of Gujarat in this playlist:

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