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Guru Purnima 5th July 2020

Jai Gurudev,
The last news from “Narasimha Dev’s Jungle Ashram in Gujarat”.

We celebrated Guru Purnima with local devotees. After the early morning pujas we brought Guruji’s picture, padukas, Giridhariji & The Lingam on a sacred mountain where a sage lived in the past. It was a great saint and the atmosphere is very mystical there. 4 people came with me for this pilgrimage. The road was blocked by the police but we were allowed to go in (with His Grace). Up on the hill the telecabin was off so we climbed the mountain’s steps by feet. They seemed neverending. A yogic experience during which SPN New Year Disco Music files I recorded helped us a lot. 😁 If you need some extra energy and motivation I recommend this highly energised music. 🎹

Back in the village after some days, I felt the ashram & the weather here welcoming. Good to take some distance to better appreciate.

The grass has been growing a lot on the field & people are coming daily & get darshan of Guruji’s pics.

Basically, all the previous sevakas of the local sadhus are coming to serve again. They are happy that the place is getting a new life. Some of them had a click on Guruji, so I have been giving them His pictures to put in their houses.

In the village they came to know too, so new people come to meet. The police of nearby village came to enquire about me as local district office was busy to answer my phone, so they had the darshan of Guruji & asked to help. 😂 They made a nice report and sent some new people too.

Obviously God has plans beyond our plans so I stopped planning to live the present moment. When it’s time to come back, He will make it happen 😂. Love from Gujarat ☀️

Baba Sita Ram

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