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Celebrating Shiva Principle in Online programs live from India & Europe

Lingam Blessings Events

Every Monday at 11am Europe time / 2:30 pm India time we have a Satsang – Guru Gita verse – Puja to Shiva Lingam live from another country (Austria, Uk, Slovakia, Russia) – Bhajan – Guided Meditation & Blessings.

Between 65 & 100 people online are attending on Zoom getting blessed & enjoying the beautiful energy.

Swamini Godaavari is giving the satsang on various spiritual topics and Bhagavad Gita. She is guiding the meditation & the blessings session. Krishna Das from Austrian Temple is guiding the pujaris. Both Kanchani & Krishna Das are doing the Guru Gita and performing beautiful bhajans.

Every Sunday at 2 pm Europe time / 5:30pm Indian time we have meeting with the people in charge of the Lingams Guruji entrusted them with. We have 114 of them in a group right now.

After the sharing of stories & feeling the togetherness of the sangha we do Guru Stotram/ Shivji Puja all together or other practices. Swamini Godaavari is guiding the meditation and the collective blessings session.


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