Saints of Gujarat

Saints are still alive

A local guide took me to a temple of Nath Sampradaya with old murtis and a tree growing on rocks since 1000 years.

In a cave there are three murtis of Goraknath, Umayi Maa and Matsyendranath.

The tree growing on stones

In another room there is a black Kalabhairava murti and a yagna (sacred fire). My guide said that the yagna (fire) continues to burn even if no guru is living there anymore. Indeed the vibhuti (ashes) seemed fresh with a circle form in the middle.

I felt a presence. I sat on a mattress there as the guide was inviting me to seit but I heard a snake hissing near me and I stood up. Probably that the saint was sitting there. And I was disturbing him. I am also from other Sampradaya (spiritual path) so I have to just see and respect the places. Nice experience.


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