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Last months of 2019 & beginning of 2020

I’m back on the blog. Lot of pilgrimages lot of events, now I will take time to give an update.

In 2019 after summer, the preparation for Navaratri started. As every year it was awesome! I was in India again, in Gujarat finishing a training in a small ashram not far from Girinar mountain. I made a pilgrimage in this mountain 10 000 steps. Tiring but amazing! You can see the videos on the Youtube channel.

In January 2020 I joined the Cambodian mission for a week & there too I visited the mountain in places where rishis lived in the past. The Cambodian king lived there too before coming down to establish the capital at Hariharalaya (ancient mysterious place). Today this land still exists & I stayed there for some days.

February for Shivaratri I was in the ashram in Germany. Guruji installed new deities : Ram Sita Lakshman Hanuman & Saraswati Devi. On 20th February just the evening before Shivaratri our sadhu from Dolatpara ashram left his body. He was preparing to leave during the Sita Ram Arati & left exactly when the Arati finished & the music stopped. It was amazing ! May his soul rest in Peace !

March 4th we had the celebration of his departure & the initiation of his successor which is a lady : Tara Mayi. I came to attend this event with a small group of devotees from Bhakti Marga.

The last participant left yesterday with the last flight for Mauritius. I am still in Gujarat. I will remain here for a while until the situation is calming down in Europe.


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