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Keep the Secret :) we say in India & Romanian villages

SILENCE TIP – in East Europe & India we say : do not disclose : “Your next move, Your money, Your Love :)))”. Well My LOVE is NARAYANA which includes ALL too – my money is coming and going as I’m not attached to anything…

But my Next Moves are secret. The best achievements are the ones you share once it’s done 🙂 It’s more spectacular. Especially when others don’t come to join in Unity to do together but just try to copy & achieve before :)))).

I forgive those who do it from heart without wrong intention. Human being has this old tendency to go and haunt and bring the best things to their beloved friends…

Thank you, but the best achievements are the ones “We do together”.

Togetherness is something which is not equalled by any achievement done alone.

Those who feel the sincere call to join my work are welcome. Love & Blessings



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