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Thoughts of May 2018

About the Guru principle, having a Guru, being on a spiritual path & overcoming the obstacles of the mind…

GLORY to the GURU PRINCIPLE the most wise of all… Which knows exactly what we need, when we need it and how to proceed. Who has always had the right vision of where to bring us but we were “too blind” to see it. Only when we sincerely wish to know past present & future and have answers to all “why?” that we understand all by the Guru’s grace again & our personal efforts which are needed. Wish to raise yourself and then the Guru’s energy is bringing you higher and higher … 

GLORY to all paths, all masters because when you committ to ONE SINGLE GURU & PATH no one can ever remove you from there. All simply make you closer to Your path & Your Guru. 

You Love all, Include all, y understand all but you know where you belong. And that is The difference. Like a honey bee, whatever sweetness you find you bring it Home :).

When it’s Your path, and Your Satguru, Love simply is. And is unconditional. Love makes you cross all leelas. No effort to do, no compromise, just perfect alchemy. No questions, only answers. Pure bliss 

SURRENDER IS NOT FROM THE MIND, it’s a whole being experience. Only in the place where your heart is fully you can radiate 100%. There everything is smooth. Before you were searching this problem, that problem to solve before surrendering. And suddenly you just let go, and it’s done. You can’t explain how you did it because it’s not from your mind that you did it. But you know it’s done. You can feel this liberation inside. It is really a sort of energetical alchemy . It is not against anyone, it includes everyone and understands everyone. May all experience it 

It’s not that on a new path there are never obstacles. But your attitude and the previous experience you had when you know you should have done all in different way – helps you to overcome them ! All Authentic Spiritual Paths are tough & they are for courageous people who focus on their GOAL & do not forget it whatever happens… 

All deities are beautiful. There is a unity of them in their difference. Their help is amazing. During our path we are helped by many deities whether we know it or not. What is important to know and understand is : What is our path ? Where do we belong ? And be aligned to that.

Glory to all the paths which bring you to your path. Live your path fully, committ to it unconditionally – which will again later bring you to Unity of Paths… It’s a constant leela happening. Infinite gratitude to all that brought you where you are … Infinite gratitude to the Guru!

Take a CLEAR DIRECTION in your life. You will see your whole energy will go towards that. It’s impressive when it starts happening. Accompany that. Come out of old ways of doing and RAISE. If you decide to RAISE your energy will raise ! It is happening automatically. DECIDE then LET IT HAPPEN !!!

No problem to act stupid & make mistakes but try not to remain stupid forever 🙂

Wake up!

The compassion & guidance of the Guru goes beyond time, space. The one who is Raising to Him understands this guidance Silently & through visions dreams in a subtle way!  When a being is awakening all devas, saints & his Gurus are celebrating!

Wish to improve & to evolve and make your personal efforts – meaning observe and rectify your moves, improve yourself while raising in consciousness to see clearly; and the Grace of the Guru will answer back this sincere will to progress. There are these two parts : your personal committment : seva, sadhana, meditation, instrospection & the Grace of the Guru. Committ, practice, do your best & SURRENDER to the Grace to give you the final touch and stabilize you .


Did you have this experience of looking in the past and realize that when the Master was speaking you were simply not listening ? Because you had other stuff going on in your mind, busy in your fantasies or thoughts hanging on you and whatever else at other levels of your being ? Hopefully the Master is always reminding Himself to you and His truths so that you can catch up and finally integrate it. As we say in French – learn the things so ” I will not die as an idiot” :). Gratitude to the Cosmos … I will write one day all the stupid things I did on my path and how many things my Gurus had to constantly repeat. Even now I came back from the ashram with some new things that I realized I was perceiving in my way and very softly, gently I got all this corrected by Guruji… Let us not make our Gurus loose their time. Let us awaken and grasp all from first time it gets delivered to us !!!!…..


ALWAYS HAVE A GURU – In 2007 I was having 50 000 devotees following me on different social medias. I was having several organisations already opened and starting a spiritual mission. I got some lands and I was thinking to open ashrams. But somehow the bhakti in me was stronger than all. During a program opening a series of programs I was starting to teach, the medal of one of my Gurus by then fell in front of me. That was the message : “Don’t forget the Guru”. This is the wisest decision in one’s life to always have a Guru and be a disciple as long as needed and until the Guru shows you the next steps… And my Gurus took lot of time with me. I did not get the blessing to do much even if I was qualified for many things from within… I could have been very successful in many fields and very rich. But I did not want that. Many were having lot of ambitions to see my ashrams up and running and come and sleep and eat and enjoy there. 🙂 I refused to do any ashram as the real ashram is in the Heart. And I decided to continue to search for my Guru. I lost many devotees when I decided to go and follow a Guru instead of saying : it’s enough now I am a Guru myself. They were telling me : “Oh such a potential, you will just ruin yourself and forget yourself”. Yeah, let me forget myself ! THAT IS THE BEST THING that can happen to a human being… To forget yourself and finish at the feet of THE LORD…. May everyone enjoy the bliss of being with the Guru. And surrender at His feet.  


I am with my 9th Guru right now – number of completion & number of Devi at the same time. Very sweet. Yes I know I could have done other stuff and succeeded in it as well. I have this attitude : whatever I start I succed in it. Actually one has to know the bliss of being with a Guru to understand why one wants to remain with Him, whatever expansion & explosion of consciousness happens. When you follow the Guru for the right reasons it’s blissful. And then you understand all Gurus and how this ancient Guru-shishya system works. 🙂


REAL MARRIAGE is mystical marriage within. Union of your two polarities. Stop loosing your time running after outer illusions & fantasies. These fantasies exist only in your mind and you entertain them. Focus on REALITY. The GURU is only there to bring you to His feet. Focus on the feet of the Guru who will bring you to this mystical connection inside. That is TRUE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. All the rest is fantasy & emotion and you running after fantasies…Come out of emotion and raise to Devotion ! 


A member of the Facebook group said :

Togetherness is love and Love is togetherness that’s virtuous circle

Swamini Godaavari answered :

There are different forms of togetherness and different forms of Love. My favorite is Distance Togetherness which makes us realize that Love is your nature & you don’t have to run after it outside … But this we can understand when we speak of “love” & “Love” – or Pyar & Prem – of human love & Divine Devotional Love. 





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