Be positive at end of year ! Life is eternal !

Stories from the last travels
About life & death

Since 2015 when I was initiated, I have many stories to tell. I will tell you just two recent ones & then later go back to the past. 😃

I was supposed to arrive in India on 9th November for the pilgrimage with Guruji when one of my Romanian neighbours wrote me : a window is open in your appartement in Romania. I wrote Guruji : a window opened suddenly & “strangely” in Romania, and as it’s on the ground floor everyone is scared that there are some thiefs in :). I was sure everything was fine there but I changed my ticket & went. Of course everything was OK in the house. During the 3 days “miraculously” many things got solved very fast like important heritage papers which usually take months to be solved😃
I told Guruji the story & He said : “You see, everything happens according to Giridhari’s will. May He always bless you to be guided from within”.


During the last travel to Morocco, three days ago 🙂 I visited a family in a remote village. They welcomed me nicely & felt very comfortable with my presence as if I was one of them. So comfortable that after some minutes everyone was talking loudly which seemed like shouting to each other. I put my headphone & started to listen some of our bhajans wondering what I was doing there. Everyone was arguing, except the grand mother (94 years old) who was doing japa of some Arabian mantra with her mala smiling at me. I went and sat near her, told her the few words I knew in “berbère” and we shared a nice space of Love beyond words. She also shared her blanket with me making sure I was fine. The evenings are cold in this season. The next days she kept asking everyone about me & I could wave “Hi” to her on a whatsapp video chat.

His nephew wrote me that she died today morning December 20th). Wow!!! I suddenly realized that Guruji sent me there so that she could be blessed before she left. She was a loving kind hearted person.

So even if you find yourself at the other corner of the world, among people talking other language you don’t know, wondering why you are there, just share Love. He is always with you, working through you for a purpose He only knows. 😃❤️


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